Sunday, July 15, 2012

Welcome to Trucking and Diabetes

What a long road this has been, traveled almost 2 million miles now and seems like just as many finger sticks.  Learning to manage my diabetes has been interesting and sometimes exhausting, especially when I started driving a truck.  It did take awhile to get a routine down but I did and still after all these years find it tiring at times.

One day I hope to retire from driving a truck, but unfortunately I will never be able to retire from diabetes.  Diabetes is a part of me that I have come to accept and honor.  

Trucking has it's good days and bad days.  After so many years on the road you pretty much know what to expect but have those moments, when you think you have seen it all, but you see that one thing that a driver does and just shake your head.  With diabetes you think you have it all under control and doing all the right things and everything is smooth, and it will throw a pothole in the road just when you least expect it.  

Just as you get the HOS (hours of service) down DOT decides changes need to be made.  We get comfortable with what we know and it is hard to change but we do because we know we have to.  With diabetes we also get comfortable doing what we have been told then find out the information that was given was either wrong or outdated, but we make the changes because it is important to our health. It is hard to get out of our comfort zones but well worth it in the end.

For most of us we try to stay updated on the current DOT regulations but really don't spend much of our days really getting into all the nonsense.  There is good information out there for those who own their own truck and trying to get the most profit.  There is also a lot of really bad information out there and a whole lot of truckers stories.  You learn to take it all in and decipher what is true and helpful from the not so good.  Diabetes is no different.  If you have spent any time online or watched television, you will be scratching your head and confused.  There are a lot of money making schemes that target diabetics, whether a diet or a cure, or just really poor uneducated information being offered.  We have to decipher the good from the bad.  In trucking it can cost us dollars, but with our diabetes it can cost us our health.

Stay safe out there on the road -- keep it between the lines and stay sunny side up10/4.

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