Thursday, February 7, 2013


Why do the majority of truck drivers not take their health or diabetes seriously?

I don't know, do you?

Being in the trucking industry for many years, with all of those years as a diabetic, self managing my diabetes has always been priority.  I find it interesting though when I talk to other drivers about diabetes I don't get the same feeling from them that it is as important.  That is one of the reasons that I started the ATDDA (American Truck Drivers Diabetes Association, Inc.).  When I did start the NPO, Non Profit Organization, there was not the availability of the internet so readily at our fingertips as it is today.  And even though it is more available today as truckers we are still somewhat isolated. 

We have had satellite radio for years but there is not quality information in regards to diabetes available.  There is on the internet but it can be difficult to access in some areas and we drive all day, for some all night.  So is part of the problem not enough adequate information that is readily available?

Part of me believes that the biggest problem in getting people to understand the magnitude and importance of diabetes is because of the information we DO hear.  The seriousness of this disease has been silenced with "it is a lifestyle disease caused by your overeating and lack of exercise", and "you are at risk of developing type 2 diabetes because of your lifestyle". 

It is unfortunate that we are losing people to serious complications and not taking this disease seriously because of the erroneous information being propagated by individuals who would rather take your money than see you healthy and shared by those who have failed to do their research on the subject.

The truckers are not the only ones I see this happening with, taking their diabetes seriously that is.  The population as a whole is affected.  What I do see with the trucker population is that many are so afraid of losing their jobs if they are diagnosed with a disease or health condition they would rather not discuss it and would prefer to ignore it as if it will go away.

The sad truth to this is that it will not go away and it will get worse if you choose to do nothing.  I would much rather see people become proactive and start planning for the future.  You do have a say in your health.  You can help your body and choose a much better quality of life with diabetes by educating yourself and making better choices for you.

Would you not rather have a say in your outcome by choosing to do something today rather than forced out of job because you chose to do nothing?

Would you not rather have a better quality of life and a healthier life by choosing to do something today rather than facing the gloom of serious complications if you choose to do nothing?

I hope you will join me in helping to reach all of the Professional Truck Drivers, their families and the trucking industry with education, support and encouragement.  We can make a difference in the trucking community, but I cannot do it alone.

Please stay alert, be safe and keep the sunning side up and keep draggin' that wagon.  10-4?

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