Monday, July 1, 2013

Let us take advantage of the new HOS rules.

Happy July 1st.  

Yep today we start our new hours of service changes. As perturbed as most of us are about these new changes I do think we should take advantage of the mandatory 1/2 hour break and use it to our benefit.  I know I am.  

I am guilty as many of you are about not wanting to take time out of your driving time to take a much needed break.  Now, I have to.  My lunch normally consists of raw veggies, cheese, meat and a small amount of fruit that I have prepared in advance so I can eat and drive.  

So part of me is thankful that I will be forced to stop for 30 minutes each day.  I now can finally sit down and eat my big salad for lunch, without feeling guilty that I should be working.  

I hope you will use the mandatory 30 minutes to your advantage as well and use it for your health.  Maybe you can use that time for exercise or a good healthy lunch.  Please remember that with the excessive heat across most of the country you do not want to do too much strenuous activity outside. Kick up the music in your truck and work out in privacy, I do. 

With the heat it is important to drink plenty of fluids and eat nutritious foods to stay hydrated.  Smaller portions at meal time will help with this as well.  Try to stay away from a lot of diet soda, most of them are loaded with sodium which can increase the fluid retention and dehydration, and blood sugar control. 

Thanks to the government for making me take time out of my driving so I can eat my salad !!

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