Monday, September 30, 2013

We have more control than we think

I hear from people a lot that say they just have no control and find it difficult to eat "healthy". 
This is a big problem for many people.  They cannot seem to stay on track, they see it and want it and then "give in". 

The problem with "giving in" is that it becomes a vicious cycle.  First, you are most likely giving in because you are trying to take a road that you are not prepared to go down, physically and mentally.  Second, that "giving in" is a self indulgence response to immediate gratification that has a negative response or reaction. 

When we do not train ourselves to think in a delayed gratification sense or just allow ourselves to have no control over what we put into our mouths because "it tastes so good" we will lose, our bodies will lose in the long run.  Don't beat yourself up over it, LEARN from it.

Before diagnosis of Diabetes you did not have to think so much about the consequences to your eating habits or actions.  Now you do.  It becomes a re-training of self indulgence and control.

When we started driving a truck you had to learn a great deal of self control because of the consequences of our actions on the road and off.  Whether driving the truck or our personal vehicle, everything we do in that vehicle affects our CDL.  Because of that we have become more calculated to our responses by becoming proactive in the choices we make while driving.  As a whole we became safer drivers and have more control.  We have learned to become more defensive rather than aggressive in our driving, at least most of us have.  Where before driving a truck if we got a speeding ticket or traffic violation there was not as much at stake.  Now there is.  We could potentially lose our CDL and our job, our lively hood.

Everyday we have a 4 wheeler or another big truck cut us off in traffic and slam on their brakes in front of us. How many times have you wanted to just hit them because of what they did? Many times I am guessing.  But you don't because of the consequences.  How many times have you had to slow down because of someone else and their stupidity?  You would like to do the same to them but don't because you know what the consequences could and would be.  How many times have you wanted to run that big truck or 4 wheeler into the barrels in a construction zone because of their selfishness they had to go to the very end and cut over?  I know you have many times.  You don't do it because of the consequences of your actions if you did.  I am also guessing that you slow down to the speed limit when you see smokey the bear sitting in the middle.  You did because you have CONTROL.

So now look at your actions and reactions that you put into place in all areas of your life and put them into action in your Diabetes life.  When you choose, good or bad, what and how much you put in your mouth it is your choice, yours and yours alone. 

You have to plan your lifetime route that is feasible for you.  Learning to eat in a balanced way that incorporates healthy foods and incorporating those less than healthy options occasionally will benefit you and your body today and in the future.  Learn how much you can eat, what you can eat and when to eat by testing your blood sugar before and after meals.  Balance your meals with foods that you like and try new foods that you thought you might not like.  If you try to follow a very restrictive diet that is unattainable you will not obtain anything. 

Be kind to your body and give it the good that it needs and your body will be kind to you in return.